Refresh, Renew, Relax & Revitalize

Gather your friends in your own home for a personalised day of wellness and fun.

Option 1

R990 per person (min 2 people)

1 hour gentle vinyasa yoga class, a refreshing smoothy, and a 1 hour aromatherapy massage

Option 2

R1980 per person (min 4 people)

1 hour gentle vinyasa yoga class, and a 1 hour aromatherapy massage. Includes a private chef and delicious food for the day. (Pre yoga snack, healthy breakfast, harvest style lunch complete with a bottle of organic bubbles, and afternoon tea with something sweet and healthy).

Add ons

You can add one of the below options at an additional cost

Organic spray tan – R380 per person

Works with your natural skin tone to deliver the most natural glow.  A quick drying water based formula which is enriched with nourishing Vitamin E and fades like a natural tan. Only takes 5 minutes

Tarot or  Astrological reading –  R250 per person  (20 min reading); R380 per person (40 min)

Tarot Readings

Can offer wonderful insight into a situation, and can assist to solve certain blocks and clarify deep, subconscious issues. Insightful readings such a 3 card astrological spread, covering the main areas of life such as relationships, work, finances ect.

Astrological readings

Can offer a great perspective and shed  light on your very own strengths and weaknesses, personal challenges and themes that will unfold over your life. Each person’s chart is a personal blueprint and completely unique to you (For this reading you will need to have an accurate date, time and birth place).

Happiness Coach – R1800 (for 1 hour)

Create and re-define your relationship with happiness. You will learn Inspiring coaching tools and tips to create more happiness in your life, starting today.

Fynbos Craft Gins & Moonshine tasting – R450 per person  (min 4 people)

Includes a  welcome Gin and Tonic cocktail,  an apple pie Moonshine cocktail,  2 types of Gin and an apple pie Moonshine  neat tasting.

This one of a kind Gin boasts a very well balanced assortment of herbs, spices and zest on the nose. On the palate it reveals juniper berries,  naartjie and Cape fynbos herbs in stunning complexity, making this Cape Gin a true South African speciality.  To be enjoyed neat or with quality tonic water.

100% sweet apple juice is brewed with a secret blend of Christmas spices before the fiery spirit is stirred in. Can be enjoyed neat, over ice or in one of many cocktail variations.

Please contact for more information and scheduling.